Dnipro Future Series 2022

Dear badminton fans and participants, we are glad to inform you that this year the city of Dnipro for the first time in the badminton history of our region will host an international  Futures series tournament under the auspices of Badminton Europe and Badminton Ukraine Federation. It will be held 7.04.2022-10.04.2022 at the Energy Delivery sports complex at Ave. Bogdan Khmelnitsky 29A. Acceptance of applications is closed on March 8, 2022 at 11:59 (GMT + 08:00). Draw date - 22.03.2022. Prize money - 2500$.


Federation Badminton of Dnipro Oblast, Ukrainian Badminton Federation
Tel: +380562355384, +380675601543 (mobile)
Fax: +380562355384
E-mail: vdruzhchenko@yahoo.com

Please be aware that the tournament takes place during the current pandemic situation with COVID-19. The conditions for hosting the tournament, as well as hygiene, sanitary and preventive measures, will be those determined by the Ukranian authorities at all times. If the Ukrainian authorities require it, each participant may have to deliver a responsible declaration before participating in the tournament. Should the event be cancelled with short notice by the Ukrainianian authorities, due to the COVID-19 situation, beyond the control of both Badminton Europe and the Ukrainian Badminton Federation, neither of them will be liable for any costs related to travelling or accommodation made by players/officials for this event. Each Member must ensure through the following web address
that it is allowed to enter in the current circumstances. It is strongly recommended that all participants book flight tickets with a cancellation insurance.

Invitation: Invitation - Dnipro Future Series 2022 - final

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