Миссия и задачи

Our strategic goal

In an effort to ensure that the Dnipropetrovsk players have become the best-badminton athletes in Ukraine, Europe and the world, FBDO should contribute to achieving the strategic goal set by the International Federation of Badminton, "to ensure that badminton was named the best rocket sport in the world."

Our strategic objectives

1. "Stars of badminton" - strengthening support for the most talented and promising athletes, badminton players

This problem can be solved by:

1.1. Creation of the Center for badminton in Dnepropetrovsk on the basis KVUZ SDYUSSHOR badminton them. KV Vavilov DHS, which would be all the existing Youth in the city, sections and clubs have passed on their promising young athletes for further improvement and development.

1.2. Establishing a system of rewards for the most successful coaches, who transmit their children to sports school.

1.3. Creation of the accounting system of the most promising players and support their sports career.

1.4. Federation Policy for badminton as a sport of the highest achievements carried out targeted funding from the provincial and municipal budgets, other means not prohibited by law, the preparation of high-class athletes, sports reserve.

1.5. Strengthening the material - technical base. Without its solution is difficult to create the necessary conditions for mass employment badminton, which is a necessary condition for the preparation of the sports reserve and sportsmen - members of national teams of Ukraine in badminton. Strengthening of existing material - technical base, providing top athletes and the nearest reserve modern sports equipment will improve the quality of the conduct of the training process in the preparation of high-class athletes.

2. "National badminton" - the transformation of mass badminton truly popular sport - the most affordable, most exciting, the most favorite

This will be done via:

2.1. Implementation of programs to support community initiatives for the development of badminton as the most affordable and mass sport. Support in organizing and conducting various competitions for both professionals and for amateurs and veterans.

2.2. Extensions interacting with regional and city authorities, including participation in the implementation of various government programs in the field of development of physical culture and sports, education and health. Implementation of badminton in the teaching process and extracurricular activities in physical education in secondary schools and higher educational institutions.

2.3. Development cooperation with various educational institutions and public organizations in order to popularize and promote badminton. Organization and carrying out of the school badminton league among secondary school students. Inclusions badminton in school sports day.

2.4. Learning experience of foreign Federations to develop badminton as the most popular and accessible sport.

3. "Promotion of badminton" - the rising popularity of badminton and entertainment

This problem can be solved by:

3.1. Quality improvement popularize badminton in the media - both in terms of publications and the number of publications.

3.2. Increasing the share of electronic media, especially television, participating in the promotion of badminton.

3.4. Building FBDO website

3.5. Carrying out various sports activities for members of the media, the international tournaments that promote the interests of professional journalists to cover the badminton events.

4. "Ensuring a strong financial base" - an increase in financial support for the development of badminton

This problem can be solved by:

4.1. Attracting sponsors to finance the development programs of badminton in the Dnipropetrovsk region

4.2. Increasing transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of financial management FBDO

4.3. Strengthening the investment attractiveness of badminton

4.4. Receiving financial support from the regional and municipal budgets (funding within the framework of regional and urban programs in the field of education, sports, health care and so forth.)

5. "Improvement FBDO" - organizational improvement FBDO

This will be achieved by:

5.1. Increasing the number of members FBDO

5.2. Expansion of cooperation with the Badminton Federation of Ukraine, regional and city authorities, mass media in order to promote the development of the Programme of badminton in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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