Invitation 2018

 International Badminton Tournament FLY-Dnipro Open
23-25 February 2018
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1. Goals and objectives
- popularization of badminton in Ukraine;
- promotion of healthy lifestyles;
- strengthening of friendly relations between the players;
- improving sports skills and competitive experience;
- identification of the strongest athletes.

2. Tournament organizers
Dnipropetrovsk Region Badminton Federation FBDO;
Badminton Club FLY-Dnipro B.C.;
Dnipropetrovsk Region Council and Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration;
General sponsor of the tournament – Investment Service Ukraine.

3. Time and venue
Competitions are held at the address: Ukraine, Dnipro City, Arzhanova str. 12b, in the hall of the sports complex Olympia+. 23-25 February 2018

4. Categories
Category Elite: men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles.
Category A: sportsmen + amateur (men’s doubles, mixed doubles).
Category B: men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles.

Pay your attention: if in any of above-listed groups number is less than 7 doubles, this group will not be held.
Planned scheme in the groups A, B is group system with 1-2 doubles from sub-groups reaching play-off.
Planned scheme in the group Elite is Olympic system up to semifinals. You can participate in a maximum of 2 categories.

5. Tournament program:
Tuesday, 20th February
Last day of registration (06:00 pm)
Friday, 23th February
10.30 – games start in group Elite
After games in Elite – games start in group A,B
Saturday, 24th February
9.30 – group Elite
After games in Elite  – groups A,B games up to finals
Sunday, 25th February
10.00 – final games in groups Elite, A, B

Attention: a detailed schedule and order of the games will be determined depending on the number of participants registered after receiving applications. More detailed schedule will be published on February 21.02.18.
Note: competitors who will not go on court in time after the invitation for 1 minute will be disqualified!
The exact program of the competitions will be published on FBDO site and link for 4-5 days before the event after receiving the majority of applications. The tournament is held using the electronic system

6. Players
The competition is open to all who have medical approval or personal receipt confirming the personal responsibility for their health. Medical approval or a receipt is given on the first day of competition.

To participate in the group Elite sportsmen are admitted of the national rank and higher. Recommended level is current professional sportsmen (from the CMS and higher).

To participate in the group A the following players are admitted: one sportsman of the CMS rank and higher (or with national rank), and all the persons interested, 1-3rd rank, or without a rank. Recommended level is master of sports + amateur.

To participate in the group B any players are admitted except those who will be moved to a higher category the decision of the organizers. Recommended level is 1-3rd rank, or veterans, or players with level B, or beginners.

Note: players are allowed to take part in no more than 2 groups. Players of the MSIC, MS, CMS (sportsmens) or with national rank are not admitted to play in the group B.

The organizers reserve the right to move the sportsman/double to a stronger group, for a more equitable and fair distribution of the composition of groups in the tournament. The organizers of the competition request the participants to objectively assess their level of play and, if possible, not to enter a weaker group.

7. Applications
To participate in the tournament you need to submit an application, which you can fill in online HERE not later than 20.02.18.
Note: each participant must fill out this form. That is, you and your partner(s) must be registered independently;
Applications for the tournament will be accepted until February 20, inclusive. Additional questions on the application form can be clarified by telephone +38 097 882 3120 (or message in Viber).
If the number of doubles in the category will be more than 50, pre-registered players are guaranteed to be admitted to the competition.

8. Shuttles
In the group Elite competitions are held with feather shuttlecocks. In case of reaching the 8 organizers provide feather shuttlecocks. In groups A, B, preference is given to feather shuttlecock. Games are held participants’ shuttles. Shuttle rating is determined by the Main judge. By mutual consent of the parties meeting is held with plastic shuttlecock. Purchase of shuttles of all brands on the spot is guaranteed.

9. Prizes
Players who scored 1, 2, 3 places are rewarded with medals FLY OPEN and prizes. In all the groups (Elite, A, B) prize money fund is established (prize money are listed per double):

Elite (md/wd/xd):
1 place - 5000 / 5000 / 5000 hrn.
2 place - 3000 / 3000 / 3000 hrn.
3 place - 2000 / 2000 / 2000 hrn.

Group А: master + (MD/XD)
1 place - 4000 / 4000 hrn.
2 place - 2500 / 2500 hrn.
3 place - 1000 / 1000 hrn.

Group В (md/wd/xd):
1 place - 2500 / 2500 / 2500 hrn.
2 place - 1500 / 1500 / 1500 hrn.
3 place - 1000 / 1000 / 1000 hrn.

10. Accommodation
As a main Tournament hotel Zahrava is offered, 10 minutes on foot from the sports complex. Address: Darnitska str. 11a, Dnipro 49000, Ukraine you have any questions please write to

11. Administration
Tournament organizers: Dmytro  Zozulia,, tel. +38 093 209 0577

12. Entry fees
150 hrn (5 eur). per player in one category;
250 hrn. (8 eur) per player in two categories;

This invitation is an official call to the competition.

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