Sports arena

International tournament Ukraine Junior 2017 will be held at a modern sports arena “Olimpia+”. It is a new arena, opened in 2016 as part of the program for the development of physical culture and sports in Dnipro region.
This is
a fundamentally new and modern sports facility, where everyone can go in for sports and thus lead a healthy way of life.
The total building area is more than 2.6 thousand square meters. Including a gaming hall with an area of more than 1000 square meters, where there are international  wide-scale badminton, volleyball, basketball, mini-football and more than 30 kinds of sports competitions and tournaments. The hall can accommodate 5 professional badminton courts, have good and correct lighting. The hall can at the same time accommodate almost a hundred spectators. Also there is an online broadcast, so the competition can be watched on the Internet.

Today's sport is high technology. Conditions where athletes train and compete play an important role. So, sports arena “Olimpia+” meets all the necessary requirements.
Address: sports arena "Olimpia+", Аrzhanova str., 12, Dnіpro, Ukraine

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